Apeiron Communication created Apeiron Academy - a programme of activities, which offer various possibilities for enhancing the knowledge and practical skills of communication sector professionals as well as for specialists from other areas whose success depends on sound communication abilities.

In Apeiron Academy programme also teach has lecturers from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. CIPR Lecturers:

Annie Davidkova

Borislav Kandov

Valeri Naidenov

Vassil Chobanov

Georgi Koritarov

Elenko Elenkov

Justine “Óms

Mihail Nedelchev

Nadezhda Savova

Nigel Middlemiss

Radostina Angelova

Rossen Potzkov

Svetoslav Zanev

Tania Ivanova

Galena Ivanova

Marc Wright

Annie Davidkova

Annie Davidkova is an experienced professional in the field of international communication and protocol, conducting negotiations, international activities, international bilateral relations and relations with diplomatic missions in Bulgaria as well as working with international organisations, programmes and projects. Since 1996 she works in the sphere of international relations and state administration (Ministry of Industry back then and at present time at the Ministry of economics).

She has a degree in Slovak and Bulgarian Philology at Sofia University and afterwards in International Economic Relations. She has specialised in the fields of management and marketing in Austria and in Sustainability in Italy and Hungary.